Vancouver warns owners of empty residences to fill out new statement forms, or face inflexible fines

Vancouver warns owners of empty residences to fill out new statement forms, or face inflexible fines

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Vancouver’s empty home tax will likely be charged on any residences left empty or populated for less than six months per year

VANCOUVER — Calgary, fighting a rental shortage within Canada’s most expensive property marketplace, warned owners of empty dwellings on Tuesday that they faced rigid fines if they failed to prepare empty-home tax declaration forms that were there been sent in the email.

Home owners who do not to submit the declaration by Feb .. 2,will be automatically energized the 1 per cent tax within the assessed value of their home. Masters who make false says will also face a steep fee of $10,000 per day, the location said.


The empty home duty, the first of its kind in North america, will be charged on just about any homes left empty or even occupied for less than six months a year. It would add up to $36,000 12 months on a $3.6-million detached home, the typical price on Vancouver’s west side, according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

The pray is that investor owners is going to rent out their homes rather than paying the tax, potentially adding some 25,000 units towards rental market as the opening rate in the region hovers next to zero.

“Housing is for houses first, and as business and also investments second – we need a good tax on empty households to encourage the best use of all our housing, and help raise our rental supply designed for locals,” Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said in a statement.

Vancouver’s housing market has been a hotly contested matter, with many residents and property advocates complaining that unfamiliar buyers, especially from Asia, were driving up rates and making homes too expensive for local people.

In an effort to elevate affordability, British Columbia last year announced a foreign buyer tax on Vancouver housing sales, moving that has hit sales sizes in the detached market.

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