Secrets of the super rich: Ignore the toys, what the wealthy actually crave is power

Secrets of the super rich: Ignore the toys, what the wealthy actually crave is power

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Million-pound toys, space travel , what’s next on the check-list of the mega-wealthy? World domination

When the wealthy are truly rich, the only hurdle to excess is creativeness. What can you buy that nobody altogether different has even thought of? These are the issues of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, the top 1 % of the top 1 %, who have already got any yacht, the plane and the mansions, and are on to the next big thing. In the case of Lewis Hamilton, it’s buying a $26.69-million private jet, then art work it red.

Forget having a amount of Aston Martins. What you want is an Aston Martin submarine, which you’ll park in the hull of the superyacht and use for stealth adventures to other yacht parties when the Med is teeming with paps. This is no joke, but a brand new reality, code-named Project Neptune, unveiled for the Monaco Boat Show in November. The sleek little subs are a joint venture with Triton, who seem to make exploration submarines, and will include space for a pilot as well as two passengers. Only 12 are hoped for to be available every year, with a price point of $5 million, about twofold the cost of Aston Martin’s most expensive automotive, the One-77.

As they say in Florida, if it flies, or skims or f–s, rent the item. In other words, canny billionaires don’t buy the planes or boats and also lovers, but lease them all (possibly to yourself, as Hamilton did to avoid a $5-million Tax bill). These sorts could possibly be tempted by the services of Usher Me, a kind of Uber but also for the super-rich. For $2,043 per hour, you can be carried around London in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, which has a driver who speaks English and actually knows where he’verts going. But then, why not only use your own driver and number of supercars?

Toys form only part of the typical UHNWI’s shopping list. What they actually crave is power, along with world domination, or if at all possible the universe. Take Elon Musk ($24.Fifty two billion), the 46-year-old founder of Tesla. Her company SpaceX has struck some sort of US$1.6-billion deal with NASA to explore and also potentially colonize Mars. Because the world just isn’t enough. Jostling just ahead of him or her in the space race is definitely Jeff Bezos, the Amazon initiator and world’s richest guy ($115.10 billion). His Pink Origin venture has already despatched a rocket up there some times, with the goal of building a means to transport people along with satellites around space.

Back on planet earth, Bezos likes to buy a newspaper. Not merely one copy, but the whole business, as he did in The year 2013, buying The Washington Post with regard to US$250 million. It gives him the ability to challenge Donald Trump, any long-standing adversary, though allies declare he has no editorial control, and just likes the idea of offering journalism.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon founder and the planet’s richest man. In his hunt for power, he bought a overall newspaper

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