OMERS backing RBC ETF that looks for ‘commitment to gender diversity’

OMERS backing RBC ETF that looks for ‘commitment to gender diversity’

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The RBC Vision Women’s Leadership MSCI The us Index ETF will start forex trading Thursday, which is International Could Day, on the Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc.

A major pension plan is back up a new exchange-traded fund from Elegant Bank of Canada that should focus on companies serious about girl or boy diversity.

The RBC Vision Women’s Command MSCI Canada Index ETF is about to launch Thursday, which is Global Women’s Day.

Satish Rai, chief financial commitment officer of capital sells at the Ontario Municipal Workers Retirement System, says your pension fund is at first committing $100 million to the ETF.

“I really believe in this case we’ve had a win-win situation,” Rai said?Wednesday.

RBC Global Advantage Management will run the modern fund, which is aimed at Canadian companies that have “demonstrated commitment to sexuality diversity as part of their corporate community responsibility strategy,” any prospectus said.

The index the ETF is looking to track is the MSCI Canada IMI Women’s Leadership Select Listing, whose largest constituents?include RBC alone, as well as Toronto-Dominion Bank, Suncor Energy Corporation. and Enbridge Inc., according to MSCI.

The MSCI list includes companies that have no less than three female directors on their own board, or a board that is certainly 30 per cent female. There might also be two female directors and one female in a C-suite purpose, such as chief executive officer, the prospectus explained.

RBC’s new ETF is a part of it has the “Vision Funds,” which include any firms’ options for socially responsible investment funds. Lindsay Patrick, director of global ETF strategy at RBC Investment capital Markets, said Wednesday early morning that Canada still lags additional developed countries in this regard.

“And I think then it’s time we had a solution, and a favorable incentive, to bring Canadian corporates on the table,” said Ike during a panel discussion.

The organization fee will be 0.25 per cent for the fund, which will deal on the Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc. when using the ticker symbol RLDR. And while similar dollars exist?- such as the Center North American Gender Diversity List ETF?- RBC says speculators were interested in a product that was initially focused on Canada.

“We decided to make this happen fund predominantly because thru consulting with our channel spouses, talking to investors both retail industry and institutional – there is evidently an interest in investing in products like brussels, products that have more of an effect bend to them, specifically all around women’s leadership,” stated Mark Neill, head of RBC ETFs, in an interview with the Financial Post. “There’s lots of interest in supporting that.”?

Neill said around 95 companies in Quebec that meet the requirements and are at the moment included in the MSCI index, a number in which RBC hopes to see grow. 

According towards index provider, MSCI Inc., firms that have both mostly guy boards and “lagging” talent operations practices saw growth of its employee productivity trail market medians by an average of 1.Only two percentage points.

“Companies with the two a more diverse board together with stronger talent management techniques enjoyed higher growth in staff productivity compared to companies that has a diverse board only also to companies with strong expertise management practices only,In . said a recent report by simply MSCI. “All of these groups outperformed companies along with both mostly male discussion boards and lagging talent management strategies; those companies had budget friendly rates of employee productiveness growth, relative to industry peers.”

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