Week of 7/4/16: Secrets to Exchanging Success

Week of 7/4/16: Secrets to Exchanging Success

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Here is what we talked about with our full members this week:

  • There aren’t any secrets in trading, absolutely no hidden truths and no elitist conspiracies.
  • Those who succeed do so simply because they followed the process which leads to achievements.
  • Those who fail do so since they didn’t follow the process.



Facilitator: Bryan Stickney

Webinar Length: 11:30

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[slide] [Secret for you to Success: There are No Secrets]

Bryan Hey, everybody; it’utes Bryan with Complete Currency Broker. Today is July Eleventh and I just want to record a simple, recap video from the past few weeks. We’ve had very restricted classes and kind of minimal trading opportunities, as well. Nevertheless the market seems to be normalizing, reconciling into things and I wanted to record a quick online video media with a few thoughts about “A” the things we’ve been talking about in class. We’re also kind of winding down our own foundation series. It’s coming to an end. We always do this on the rolling basis, so we’regarding coming to the end of our current foundation series, getting into a few psychology and, then, Also i wanted to comment just a actually quick comment about the Brexit referendum at a couple o’ weeks ago. You’lmost all notice that we didn’t create any kind of statement or the thoughts or feelings approximately that and I’ll get int’ the key reason why on that real quickly, too.

So, to kick things away, over the course of our training time period, we talk a lot about groundwork, how t’–not only how to trade, but, also, how the promotes work–the fundamental things that we need to recognize in order to make decisions that are in your best interest. As we come to eliminate the foundation period where we’re talking about how the Forex trading markets work, how things combine efforts to work together to make things happen that any of us want to take advantage of, psychology is important. That’s where we are right now for our full members. We’re also into the psychology piece.

Now, obviously, psychology is never going to be something we’re going to “solve” because people never solve it, suitable? It’s not a thing we can possibly really dive into, totaly, in one-hour classes, but we do get into that quite carefully in our full home analyze kit. During the foundation series we kind of hit the top levels so we can understand how our brains work and, and then, start taking steps to get  our-self into the right mindset regarding long-term success.  

The first thing we also have to understand is that there is no top secret to success. So the key to success? There are no strategies. There are no hidden truths, absolutely no conspiracies. No secrets out there which can be preventing you from being a prosperous trader. What it really comes down to is definitely finding a process that you’re at ease with and, then, following that operation. As long as the process is built regarding something that has a good basic foundation based on market technicians, you will succeed, if you observe that process.

What often happens can be, as things start getting in drawdown periods or start getting into periods where we have sequential losses is that our mindset kicks in. What we think we know or maybe what we think we understand about forex trading, about winning streaks; regarding odds and probabilities? Individuals false understandings kick in together with, again, maybe even some primary beliefs about what we believe regarding money, what we believe in relation to being wrong; what we believe that about certain things–comes into play together with impacts us and causes us to start changing our investing methodology and, obviously, while we start changing, we search a deeper and greater hole for ourselves.

So, the first thing we should understand is that there are no tips. We talked about this, really extensively, a couple of Mondays ago. We got into this course which, really, dives into much more than this, nevertheless at the surface, it’s crucial to understand that there are no secrets.

Then, many of us go on to talk about more–

[slide] [The Same Approach Exists Emotionally]

[cont.]… about what we do, in your head and one thing we need to–

[slide] [Instinctive in addition to Involuntary]

[cont.]… understand is our behavior is kind of instinctive and is quite reflex. We have conscious mind and that we have subconscious mind. Most of in which we’re doing things in the day–most of our actions arrive from our subconscious mind. And the unconscious [mind] is there to protect us from danger; it’s there for you to  protect us from injure. So, if something’s taking place, whether it’s a physical damage or a mental, emotional harm, our subconscious is taking actions to prevent it, right? Hence, take the example that a keep to is thrown at your eye balls. You’re going to: (A) possibly close your eyes, and (M) take an evasive stage to avoid being hit by that keep to. That’s involuntary; it’s something–only part of survival.

Well, the same issues happens to us emotionally, at the same time. We have fears that are profoundly ingrained in us from what we understand and [have] been taught concerning money; what we think and realize about being right or being wrong, and it causes certain fears as we’re dealing, right? We have the fear involving missing out. We have the fear of loss, the fear of being wrong–these products all impact us in different ways. Everybody has these fears, they all impact us a little differently.

‘So, if we go on a trade and it immediately actions against us, suddenly, there’ersus this emotional harm that’vertisements happening, right? Maybe not some thing we recognize immediately, however deep down in our subconscious, we’regarding like, “Ooh, that’s hurting us!” and our subconscious takes an action. It might be some sort of action like moving some of our stop loss. “Oh. I can’capital t be wrong if I’mirielle taken out of this trade. We can’t be wrong.” Therefore, we move our stop loss.

It almost happens instinctually, involuntarily. We’re drama in a way that is based on negative error, our negative hardwiring, which is–[incomplete thought]

The unfavorable bias is something we pointed out in class–kind of how your ancestors were–looked for danger, right? And, then, the ones that made it through were the ones that were consistently avoiding for danger. To stop danger, we have to be eager of anything that’s happening–regardless of whether it’s rustling in the bushes, we need to avoid it, right? That was passed, passed down, passed down. So we’lso are kind of hardwired with a pessimism bias.

“Trading is hard.” Your brain is going to find a way to help support that, through filtering. “The particular market’s out to get me.” Our brain’s going to are able to support that hypothesis through filtering out all the factors that it’s not in addition to showing us all the reasons it really is. “The market’s going to injure me.” So on and so forth. “I can’t win.” So on and so on. These are kind of hardwired for through our negative opinion that’s in our brain. It causes some of the behaviors we have at that root level, this very core level.

We go back from the market what we venture onto it and it’s important to start changing those opinions and those feelings in order to create brand new emotions that provide us having a solid mindset to understand any market’s neutral and we are able to see it that way.

Easier said than done. What we’ve been talking about over the course of this week–

[slide] [How? — New Goes through Globe]

[cont.]… and will continue this week is how you can give ourselves new ordeals, which then gives oursel[ves] new feelings, new feelings, which makes new beliefs and, then simply, in turn, new behaviors. That’ersus what it takes to be a consistent investor over the long term. We have to have these new experiences.

We have to start altering how our brains think, exactly how that subconscious reacts for you to things. Again, it’s possibly not something we can do passively. It’ohydrates not something we can learn once and have it be now there. It’s something we have to work on, constantly, and constantly be self-reflective [as to] what exactly we’re doing and so why we’re doing it as we’re also taking trades.

That’s what precisely we’re getting into this week with these full membership. Great chance, guys, if you haven’t sign up, yet. Start with the guide course. It’s a great way to grow to be introduced to Complete Currency Trader, learn more about what we are, just what exactly we’re doing, and how we’re also doing it. That’s a great place to start with.

For those of you [who] have been through that and even learn more, our home study equipment gives you everything you need to know about to become successful trader over the long term. I truly encourage you to do that. There’azines a link below this video clip that will give you an opportunity to have enrolled.

I also mentioned the actual Brexit real quickly. We’ve recently been absent about any kind of a viewpoint, publicly, about the Brexit. Why is that? Mainly because, ultimately, what James considers or I think doesn’t subject. The only thing that matters to us will be what’s happening in the marketplace and now we have to be able to detach our own selves from that, as prosperous traders.
[slide] [CCT Currency Overview – A few Market Charts]

[cont.]… Having any kind of your bias in the marketplace doesn’t carry out us any good. We  need to trade what we see upon our dashboard, we need to deal what we see on your charts and our opinions on what’s happening–
[slide] previous [How? — New Happenings Globe]

[cont.]… with the Brex–or with non-pharmaceutical payroll or with whatever component of news might be coming out following is irrelevant, really, because everybody has an opinion.

The talking heads to choose from are spewing their heads down about, “This is great!”, “This is certainly horrible!”, “This is what’s feasible to Britain.”; “This is what’vertisements not going to happen to England.” So on and so forth. End throughout? Nobody knows. It’s one’s destiny! Nobody can tell the future.

All we can perform is trade what we’actu seeing right now. Live in the now. Be in the now. Don’t now let talking heads sway or perhaps influence your trading conclusions. Make your trading decisions dependant on cold, hard facts. What’ohydrates happening right now? What are the developments that are occurring right now? How should those trends impact me personally right now, from a trading opportunity that’s based on my automated program?

Don’t alter your trading plan based upon what some talking venture says! Stick to your trading plan. That’utes what’s going to make you prosperous over the long term. Know that your trading plan is based on something that’s have real market  mechanics associated with it. As long as it [does], then, you’re fine.

That’s the key reason why we conspicuously have been absent from any kind of opinions and also announcements regarding that. Ending of the day, it doesn’t–I mean, it impacts us and I think it’azines going to create some great forex trading opportunities over the next year as well as two years. As far as what the opportunities are, that’s–[incomplete thought] … No one appreciates the future, so let’s exchange what’s on our diagrams and stick to our operation and the mindset that’s likely to help us do that.

What we’ll get into later this week is talking about exactly how we’re going to achieve these types of changes to give us a lot of these new experiences, new brain; new beliefs. So, thats it! That’s our quick summarize of where we’ve ended up over the last couple of weeks and where we’re also heading for the rest of this week.

I do hope you enjoy it. Have a great day time and, of course, if you have questions, feel free to contact our assistance. We’re here for you. Email us at [email protected] That’s a great way to get to us. We also are based [on] U.S. time, consequently we’ll answer your questions while in the order received and, hopefully, get back with you within a day, Saturday through Friday. Mondays will be, sometimes, a little bit backlogged over the weekend, nonetheless we get back to you as soon as we all possibly can. We’re happy to communicate with you, no matter what level of regular membership you have with Complete Forex Trader–whether you’re a free member–basically kickin’ the tires, seein’ what we’re about–you’re an introduction member or even you’re a full member. We’re here to support ya, it doesn’t matter what and we love the fact that you’lso are interacting with us and making time to learn more about how we trade along with what we do. All right.

Have a great daytime! We’ll talk to you eventually. ‘Bye.




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