Georgian Parliament Tests Committee Inquiries

Georgian Parliament Tests Committee Inquiries

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The information session occured on April 30, 2018, and was facilitated by a global expert from the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) asked by the Us Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Sweden. On May 1, the identical information session will probably be organized?for civil society representatives.

The Parliamentary Committee on Environmental Protection and Natural Resources will be the first to pilot thematic inquiries in 2010 aiming to enhance Parliamentary oversight in environment protection by holding the Committee Inquiry on Atmosphere Air Overuse injury in Tbilisi.

Speaking on the opening of your event, Kakhaber Kuchava, the Committee Chairperson, stressed the significance of enhancing parliamentary oversight and fostering linkages with civil society, communities and media, especially in elements of pressing environmental concerns.

\”Committee inquiries are a vital tool which will help us address some specific environmental challenges, just like pollution and quality of air,\” Kuchava said.

According for the recently adopted technique for 2018-2030 as well as plan for 2018-2020, the Committee on Environmental Protection and Natural Resources is dedicated to strengthening its oversight functions at the same time, to present better opportunities to the engagement of civil society and citizens. Thematic inquiries will enable civil society organizations, individual citizens or action groups to directly participate in the committee work and voice their questions, concerns and proposals.

“The UNDP and the Swedish Government support the Parliament of Georgia in harnessing international practice in holding thematic inquiries for an important tool for oversight, mediation and monitoring. It can be encouraging that the first pilot initiative is specializing in environmental work, creating some additional opportunities for Georgian law-makers to the office hand-in-hand with civil society and citizens,” said Natia Natsvlishvili, Assistant Resident Associated with the UNDP in Georgia.

Tested inside Committee on Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, thematic inquiries are expected to get introduced within the Parliament of Georgia as being a common practice.

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