Poti Seaport Records 15.1% Upturn in Container Shipping

Poti Seaport Records 15.1% Upturn in Container Shipping

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According to APM Terminals Poti, 82 039 TEU containers were handled at Poti Seaport in 2018, up from 71 299 TEU every year. Ratio of refrigerator-containers in complete number of containers handled in 2018 makes up about 13.1%. This segment mainly includes imports of meat, fruit and confectioneries.

Ratio of imports in one payemnt cargo turnover is 37.1% and exports C 20.15%, while 40.8% are transit cargoes. Many o? cargoes go to Azerbaijan, Armenia and Central Asia countries.

Number of ceased operations has declined by 53% in January-March 2018. APM Terminals Poti has accomplished many important projects for strengthening Georgia’s major seaport as well as providing better services.

1) Svitzer company has started implementing towage services at Poti Seaport in 2018. This manufacturer is focused on towage services and it is famous for its professional, efficient, international-standard shipping operations.

2) Two much stronger and maneuvered tow-boats SIMSON and PORTGARTH were included with Poti Seaport.

3) Captains of tow-boats and representatives of marine pilot services might be competed in ASD type towage maneuvering by utilization of simulators in Swedish capital of scotland- Gotenburg.
4) all folks the crew are trained.

5) Poti Seaport has bought international standard marine pilot motorboat.
All these activities were done in cooperation when using the seaport captain, Maritime Transport Agency and LLC Poti Pilot.

Poti Seaport comprises 15 berths, where all types of cargoes are handled. Total amount of berths is 2900 meters, where greater than 20 cranes are placed.

APM Terminals has invested a lot more than 80 million USD in developing the seaport infrastructure, railway and motorway and sin renovation of services.

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