Janez Kopa?: Consumers Should Not Fear Gas Market Reforms

Janez Kopa?: Consumers Should Not Fear Gas Market Reforms

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Janez Kopa?, the director with the Energy Association, noted the energy package includes details for socially vulnerable populations as well as for improving gas main supply. The reforms may also ensure simple rules for changing suppliers and for picking a gas supplier.

‘Consumers must not be petrified of reforms while in the natural gas market. It will have many challenges, but very positive cooperation from energy sector participants of Georgia assures me that jointly we will be competent to generate a stable, transparent legal environment designed to bolster investments to make an emphasis on energy consumers,\” Janez Kopa? said.?

Georgia has put into a compliance with conditions dependant on protocol on the Energy Association for harmonizing with EU legislation in the following two years. Introducing your third Energy Package will restructure the natural gas sector and work out it transparent for competition.
It will also ensure considerable benefits for consumers, as painlessly moving to a different model requires efficient and active involvement on the sector actors. Organizing a high-level political discussion is of special importance in the process.

The reform details were discussed along at the meeting organized together with EU4Energy Governance Project.

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