U.S. waters down one more key NAFTA demand, reduces vehicle content ask by 10%

U.S. waters down one more key NAFTA demand, reduces vehicle content ask by 10%

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But other issues are far from settled

WASHINGTON — North america has softened another one from the key NAFTA demands, shaving 10 per cent off a request upon automobiles amid a many different kind of talks aimed at obtaining a preliminary agreement this planting season.

The U.S. has diluted its demand that autos include 85 per cent American content to avoid a tariff — and lowered the number so that you can 75 per cent.

That’s immediately after it already dropped a demand that every car include Half U.S. content.

The different U.S. position is always that auto companies receive ‘tokens’ toward the 75 per cent threshold for certain behaviours, similar to paying higher salaries, which happens to be designed to benefit production external Mexico.

But other issues are far from settled.

Amid a U.Utes. push for some sort of agreement this spring, negotiating clubs are meeting in Oregon this week. The most recent version of this schedule obtained by The Canada Press shows agriculture has increased for discussion this week, and not dispute resolution.

Plans for some form of announcement this week at the Peak of the Americas have been shed: First, President Donald Trump postponed his attendance and now his trade czar Robert Lighthizer has proclaimed he’s not attending.

Trump was adamant Thursday he’s in no hurry.

“We’re getting really close to a deal,” he shared with reporters at the White Home.

“It could be two weeks, it could be 90 days, it could be five months, I really don’t care. … I have hardly any timeline. … I keep reading on the fake news media that we’concerning pushing it, we’re not really pushing it…There’s no time frame.”

He made the remarks next to Lighthizer — who has publicly said he or she needs a deal within months if there’s to be any kind of hope of getting it put into practice by the outgoing Mexican in addition to ratified this year by the current U.S. Congress, which facial looks midterm elections.

The U.S. even imposed a May 1 deadline on Canada and Mexico to negotiate an exemption with steel tariffs, and connected it to NAFTA.

Now Trump says there’s no rush. In fact, he tells a delay suits him or her just fine, too, because the skepticism about trade is forcing investors to steer capital towards U.S from South america.

“Nobody is moving into South america. As long as NAFTA is in flux no company is going to spend $1 billion to build your car plant (there). I instructed the Mexicans we can work out forever, as long as we have that negotiation going nobody is likely to build $1 billion automobile vegetation (in Mexico),” he said.

Lighthizer concurred with his view of the schedule: “No hurry on NAFTA yet making good progress.”

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