Givaudan, your natural partner

Givaudan, your natural partner

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Givaudan’s heritage in natural ingredients is usually rooted in a longstanding traditions of exploration, discovery as well as innovative thinking, using the entire world as a deep source of determination. While the company was founded Two hundred fifty years ago, the heritage of discovery was exemplified with the pioneering scientist Dr Paul Guenther and his voyages of discovery in the 1930s and Forties.

Bringing a holistic approach from aspect to consumer experience is seated in a profound understanding of eco friendly sourcing, natural extraction together with cooking techniques. When you add to that that over 90% of Givaudan’s flavor research is committed to discovering the latest innovations in natural solutions, it’s clear that Givaudan are looking in advance to the next important discoveries.

Consumers, and also understanding their needs and desires, have reached the heart of Givaudan’s approach to tastes. This is driven by exploration showing that, globally, 47% of consumers would be encouraged to buy foods and beverages with the assert “contains natural ingredients”, as health and excellent are two key motivators for consumers.

It is no secret that there is a thriving expectation in the food as well as beverage industry for companies to check out sustainability standards C something that Givaudan have been practising with their Sourcing to get Shared Value commitment for quite a while. Where possible, materials happen to be sourced directly from the producer, additionally, the local communities are also supported by way of numerous social and green projects.

Inthere is a clear principles and commitment from this universal ingredients company: working together to bring you the very best solutions with nature.

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