Koios set to enter the cannabis-infused drinks market

Koios set to enter the cannabis-infused drinks market

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Cannavated, a subsidiary of Canadian functional beverage producer Koios, provides signed a licensing agreement with US-based Keef Brands for a brand of cannabis-infused beverages.

Koios says that the understanding will allow Keef brands to include the formula of nootropic supplements obtained in Koio’s range of functional cocktails in the cannabis-infused drinks.

According to Koios, a supplements can enhance short-term human brain functions and enhance the long-term memory space of consumers.

The agreement is effective via 1 July 2018, and the a couple companies hope to release the line of beverages on 17 Septemberin Colorado.

A statement from Koios stated that the licensing agreement could be extended to Canada and to other US states in the foreseeable future, providing the beverage complies with virtually all regulations in the markets where by cannabis has been made legal.

Koios asserted it positioned Cannavated as a separate organization so that its subsidiary might focus on and pursue prospects in the cannabis industry.

Koios President Chris Miller said: “This brings us one step closer to obtaining our nootropic formula on store shelves and in the hands of buyers, both those who need them all for medicinal use or perhaps those who are simply looking for balanced alternatives in the recreational space.

“Widespread legalisation of marijuana inside Canada, including for pastime use, takes place October 17, and California is ramping up after their recent legalisation of recreational cannabis.

“We’re more than ready to meet the appearing needs of this new and also quickly growing market.”

Erik Knutson, Founder of Keef Brands added: “We’ve been thrilled to be partnering which has an innovator in the functional drink space and look forward to merging their unique formulations with our infused-beverage skills and network of syndication.”

Earlier this month, Canada voted to legalise the recreational use of hashish, which has presented an opportunity for meal and beverage manufacturers to input a new market.

Yesterday, Heineken announced the reason is Lagunitas brand will release a THC-infused pot sparkling water line in Ca ..

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