Tetra Pak now secures 50% of its electrical power from green sources

Tetra Pak now secures 50% of its electrical power from green sources

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Tetra Pak now obtains half of a global electricity supply from renewable sources, with the provider believing it is “firmly on course” to meet up with its commitment of using exclusively renewable electricity across its operations by 2030.

The business use of renewable electricity has risen more than twofold in the past 2 yrs, which has been achieved through the setting up solar panels at its facilities.

Tetra Pak’s factories in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Southern Africa use electricity from 100% alternative sources and in total Seventeen-year-old of its major sites currently run exclusively on alternative electricity.

Mario Abreu, vice president of sustainability at Tetra Pak, said: “Using green energy is an important part of our journey to lessen the carbon impact of your operations and so help undertake climate change.

“Through the purchase of sustainable energy certificates, we are investing in the introduction of infrastructure to increase the availability associated with renewable electricity. Meanwhile, we’re also exploring opportunities to degree up our own on-site solar power installations.”

InTetra Pak added its name towards Paris Pledge for Action in COP21 as it aims to reduce it’s environmental footprint.

Earlier this year this company revealed it had lower the energy consumption of its separators by simply up to 40% by incorporating Encapt pressure control technology.

Tetra Pak product manager Ulrika Rehn said: “We want to help customers fulfill the challenge of achieving superior product quality with more affordable operational costs, and a reduced environmental footprint.”

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