Bacardi in global collaboration to cut back single-use plastic waste

Bacardi in global collaboration to cut back single-use plastic waste

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Bacardi has partnered with non-profit organization Lonely Whale to eliminate the use of One billion single-use plastic straws by 2020.

The alcohol company C which owns makes such as Grey Goose and Bombay Azure C has announced a commitment to evaluate its global supply chain, while using the aim of removing non-essential, non-recyclable single-use plastic waste material.

Through a series of corporate and brand name collaborations, events, and message or calls to action around the world, Bacardi may encourage consumers, customers, and everything those looking to lend his or her ideas and voices to your initiative to join the effort titled #TheFutureDoesntSuck.

The initiative kicks off in London, where the Bacardi rum brand and Depressed Whale will mobilise consumers and corporations to work together towards the goal of achieving a radical reduction of single-use plastic straw consumption during the entire city.

In support of the collaboration with Lonely Whale, the global head offices of Bacardi in Bermuda offers launched a new training plan for distributor partners plus on-premise locations that offer alternatives to plastic material straws.

In the US Bacardi will continue to significant other with national chains together with independent accounts to promote plastic-free, marine-friendly drinking straw, or strawless options for cocktails.

Rick Wilson, senior vice president of corporate accountability for Bacardi, said: “Engaging our financial records and our consumers from the reduction of single-use plastic is a important next step in helping to put a conclusion to plastic pollution.

“Single-use plastic material items are among the most collected pieces of trash in our oceans, and we’re urging our consumers to bring ‘no plastic straw, please’ to every beverage order so together we could make impactful change.”

Lonely Whale management director Dune Ives said: “In 2016, Bacardi led this drinks industry with the primary #NoStraws campaign focusing on eliminating single-use plastic straw from its cocktails. Within 2017, Lonely Whale amplified this quick leadership, creating one of the most observed global movements around the single-use plastic material straw with our Strawless Ocean motivation to remove 500 million clear plastic straws from the US waste steady flow.

“Now in 2018, we celebrate your combined power of Bacardi and Lonely Whale to reduce the single-use plastic drinking straw population by 1 thousand by 2020 in what we believe can be one of the most impactful environmental campaigns of this decade.”

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