Colombia targets deforestation-free cocoa production by way of 2020

Colombia targets deforestation-free cocoa production by way of 2020

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The government of Colombia C along with chocolate companies Casa Luker and Compa?a Nacional de Chocolates C has pledged to reduce deforestation from the country’s cocoa supply chain by 2020.

Colombia has joined the Powdered cocoa and Forests Initiative, an international effort to ensure deforestation-free cocoa. Any governments of Ghana and H?te d’Ivoire were the first a couple governments to sign plus implement the agreement in 2017.

Colombia becomes the first country with Latin America to sign up towards the scheme, which will be called the Powdered cocoa, Forests and Peace Initiative.

The World Cocoa Foundation (WFC) declared cocoa has been identified as important for Colombian agricultural growth, both for domestic consumption and worldwide export.

Colombia agriculture minister Juan Guillermo Zuluaga mentioned: “Colombia is proud of the quality of the actual cocoa it produces, as well as its side of the bargain to economic growth, country employment, avoided deforestation and renewal of degraded land.

“In the market characterised by a growing affinity for zero-deforestation cocoa, with a positive history to tell about forests and also peace, we hope Colombia’s signing up to the particular Cocoa and Forests Motivation will encourage greater awareness and investment in the Colombian powdered cocoa supply chain.”  

Colombia’s rates of deforestation have gone up rapidly since the conclusion of your peace process, as distant areas of the countryside C after off limits C have seen rapid gardening and livestock expansion plus infrastructure development.

Recent data through Global Forest Watch along with the National Meteorological Institute shows Colombia noticed a 46% increase in tree protect loss in 2017, which was double the normal loss from 2001 for you to 2015, but the country is taking considerable steps to stop this movement, according to WFC.

The Cocoa and Nature Initiative was launched in 2017, in an effort led by WFC, the Environmentally friendly Trade Initiative, and The Prince’s Global Sustainability Unit.

WFC president Rich Scobey said: “WCF congratulates the Colombian government as well as other stakeholders on their commitment to end cocoa-related deforestation during Colombia. 

“We are delighted to support this initiative and, along with your members in the global chocolate and cocoa industry, will remain a trusted partner to ensure the durability of cocoa, the health of our planet, and the prosperity of chocolate farmers around the world.” 

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