Tetra Pak supplies Mengniu with new natural milk packaging

Tetra Pak supplies Mengniu with new natural milk packaging

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Tetra Pak has partnered with Chinese dairy company Mengniu to create new packaging for Mengniu’s number of premium organic milk.

Mengniu is a first company to use Tetra Pak’azines Tetra Prisma Aseptic 250 Edge with DreamCap cartons for a white milk product as a result of the collaboration.

According in order to Tetra Pak, the new packaging ‘stands out in stock thanks to its refreshed look’, as well as resealable 250ml package has been created to please consumers who are drinking on-the-go.

Tina Zheng, operating marketing director at Tetra Pak Chinese suppliers said: “We took a collaborative technique with Mengniu, starting with understanding their wants and assessing market prospects.

“Our studies show that millennials are usually increasingly buying small parts and drinking on-the-go. With an octagonal shape that fits comfortably in the hands, a large resealable opening and the metal salt effect, the Tetra Prisma Aseptic Edge 400 ml package came out as being the best choice.

“However, it’s not just about the package deal: we tapped into our knowledge all aspects of product development, introducing microfiltration to raise the protein content together with direct heating technologies to increase the product taste.

“The result is an item which gives the consumer a complete advanced product experience, from the dairy inside to the package out of doors.”

James Song, head of brand organization at Mengniu added: “Our Milk Luxury brand was launched in 2005 as the first premium whole milk in China.

“After many years regarding success, we felt we wanted to revitalize our brand name to be ahead of market styles and stay relevant with the innovative generation of consumers who expect greater convenience and a better drinking experience.

“With support out of Tetra Pak throughout the whole process of service, the new organic milk hit the industry in Juneand was immediately common.

“We expect monthly profits to reach over 100 zillion RMB (12.5 million) in July, and we will add three more production lines quickly.”

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