Givaudan creates natural solutions that consumers adore

Givaudan creates natural solutions that consumers adore

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Around the world, in nearly all products categories, consumer demand for natural ingredients and products is rising. “Naturalness” is one of the most vital drivers of purchase in addition to consumption and it is also one of the most important factors consumers identify that will make a product trustworthy. Products having natural ingredients are largely seen as healthier and of better quality. 

Consumers today have a strong desire to fully understand what’s in their food and where it comes from. They more and more read product labels for nourishment and ingredient information, along with expect natural products to get sustainable and made using good practices. Above all, consumers prioritise, and won’t compromise on, taste.  

Givaudan is better equipped to help you create great-tasting merchandise made with natural ingredients that consumers have an understanding of, accept, and enjoy.

Reformulating to effortless, all natural ingredients that perform well, on the other hand, can be complex. A few prevalent challenges with some natural ingredients include things like taste impact, availability, charge and shelf-life stability, so solution changes are often easier said than done.

Natural treatments are a cornerstone of Givaudan’s 250-year track record, rooted in a tradition for exploration, discovery and progressive thinking. Our holistic strategy from nature to buyer is grounded in serious understanding of sourcing, natural extraction and cooking techniques.

As the largest universal buyer of raw materials during the flavour industry, we require sourcing seriously.

Through our durability programme, “A Sense of Tomorrow”, we chase a set of practices to ensure each of our materials are responsibly acquired, to secure a stable supply of your natural materials and make sure which local producers and their neighborhoods truly benefit from working with us.

Givaudan is dedicated to research in natural remedies that best supports both you and your brands. Our research expense brings you more through nature C over 90% of our quality research and development resources are dedicated to natural solutions ranging from innovative plant-based ingredients to natural conversion rate, and from natural removal to cooking techniques.

Our knowledge, skills and portfolio help you maintain changing consumer demands. All of us continually develop new options and have broadened our palette of extracts and cooking area ingredients to include a large range for spices, seasoning blends, botanicals, extractions, dairy and savoury solutions, parmesan cheese powders, stocks and marinades. Using the services of you to bring you the best answers from nature, we can assist you to build transparency and fulfill the labelling needs for your logo and consumer target.

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