Soho Juice Co expands it is still mixer range along with new flavour

Soho Juice Co expands it is still mixer range along with new flavour

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The Soho Juice Co has extended its range of premium continue to mixers by introducing a whole new apple, honey and fruit flavour.

Joining the cucumber; mint; lime and lime; and blood vessels orange, raspberry and ginger mixers released last month, the new flavour is made for dark spirits such as rum and whisky.

The sip contains 38 calories for each 200ml bottle, and can also be included to drinks such as prosecco and sprit-style longer drinks to create a “refreshingly tasty” beverage.

Soho states that its range of mixers were specifically produced for the food-service market so bars, restaurants along with pubs can provide high-quality, quick-serve mixers inside an efficient manner.

The mixer is gluten-free, made for vegetarians and vegans, and has now no artificial colours as well as flavours.

Co-founder of The Soho Juice Organization, John Mullin, says: “We’ve been over joyed with the response to our first couple of flavours from the trade in addition to from talking to our consumers and researching the market trends, many of us decided to launch our finally variant.

“Consumers want more appealing, fun spirit mixers, together with sophisticated alternatives to standard soda pops.

“We’ve created a brilliant new flavour and have tested this with different spirits, and while it’s flexible and can be mixed with a lot of spirits, we found it pairs finest with dark spirits.

“It is really complementary to our two various other flavours and the three plastic bottles lined up look great together.”

The Soho Power Co bottles are available to your food-service sector in packs of 24 x 200ml bottles, with an RRP of 2.40 for each bottle of wine.

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