Rethink Brands receives $6.7m inside funding round led simply by AccelFoods

Rethink Brands receives $6.7m inside funding round led simply by AccelFoods

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US-based flavoured water producer Think again about Brands has secured $6.8 million in a funding around led by venture fund AccelFoods.

Founded inby Matt Swanson and Chris O’Donovan, Rethink focused to take the children’s juice take in industry head on with the launch of Rethink Water, that’s introduced last year.

The line is made out of purified water and natural and organic fruit essence, and can be purchased in four flavours: apple, berries, fruit punch, and lime mango.

Rethink has widespread nationalized distribution in more than Twelve,000 stores, including Supermarkets, Target, and Kroger, as well as on e-commerce merchants such as Amazon.

Capital from the money round will support Rethink’s growth and distribution across the Individuals, fund field teams during markets to execute on the improvement, and develop new product begins in the upcoming year.

Rethink co-founder Matthew Swanson said that funding marks a good pivotal moment for the product: “We always knew we had arrived on the right side associated with health trends and customer priorities.

“By addressing the requirements of children, we are able to make a legitimate difference: creating a product that supports healthy eating and drinking practices for our youth, while helping the buying and decision-making experience for mothers and fathers.

“Giving our consumers more and better choices, and continually innovating your approach is key to our results, and AccelFoods has been and will stay the right partner to help us get to the next level.”

AccelFoods managing spouse Jordan Gaspar added: “As investors and dealing mothers, we are thrilled to acquire partnered with a brand that is definitely bringing true innovation towards the children’s beverage category.

“With young kids of our own, we know firsthand the battle of finding quality wine products we feel good with regards to giving our kids.

“We are enthusiastic to strengthen our partnership by using Rethink and bring both parents and kids an organic, zero-calorie, and zero-sugar beverage choice.”

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